How does it work ?

Set up the Cemmerce platform on your site in minutes and start earning money from your content. Best of all, it’s free!


Free, easy, one time integration

  • Sign in and open an account. All it takes is your e-mail address.
  • Embed a few lines of code into your content templates.
  • Or use one of our plug-ins for popular platforms like: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
  • Installation takes less than a minute.
  • From now on we do all the work.

We scan your content for products that can be sold online

  • We analyze your content and search for sellable products.
  • We then highlight these products so the reader will know they are clickable.

We present your readers with options to buy the product via the Cemmerce bubble 

  • Mouse hover over highlighted product opens our "Cemmerce bubble".
  • The bubble provides access to precise and real time price comparisons.
  • We present the four best prices for the product.
  • Then, we route your readers to the chosen retailer’s website to buy the product.
  • Want to learn more? View live demo on the right.

Once an item is purchased, we pay you a commission 

  • We receive an affiliate fee (commission) for each transaction.
  • We split that commission with you.
  • Because of our high traffic and mass transactional activity we get a higher commission than most affiliates - you get the benefit from that, as well.

Control and visibility via your Cemmerce account 

  • Dashboard – provides a summary of all your activity (products, bubbles, clicks, sales, revenues).
  • Reports – detailed reports of each action.
  • Set up – add additional tools to better promote your product references and add new domains.
  • Settlement- check your balance and your payments history.

Get paid through the Cemmerce platform 

  • A new significant source of revenues from your existing and future content.
  • Keep your existing advertising solutions and generate a totally new revenue stream.
  • Focus on writing awesome content. 
  • Keep your readers in your content world.
  • Generate more money - and do it effortlessly.