publisherCPM Rates are going down – yet your content production costs aren't?

Cemmerce helps publishers generate a brand new revenue stream from
their existing and future content effortlessly


Research has shown that billions of dollars of ad revenue has been re-allocated from traditional display advertising to search, CPC and Social advertising. 

According to a recent Adobe Report (Adobe Efficient Frontier, February 2011 CPM report) “CPMs are down 19% MoM (month over month) and 31% YoY (year over year). While the CPM decline may be concerning for publishers, overall advertiser demand rose, as impressions increased 13% MoM and 273% YoY. The key driver for CPM declines appears to be a wider play for less expensive inventory.”

What if you can avoid this disturbing trend and position your content for long term revenue growth? 

Cemmerce provides you with a platform that leverages your content to generate a new revenue stream at no cost to you. It also keeps your readers from straying outside your content world, ensuring consumer engagement remains strong while revenue opportunities are maximized.

How does it work?

Cemmerce automatically converts product references in your content into live commerce links. You provide your readers with the latest, most relevant purchasing data, helping them to make a more informed immediate purchase decision while silmultaneously generating brand new revenue stream. Everybody wins: Your readers find the product you wrote about, and you make money when they purchase it.

Managing multiple sites is a breeze

With Cemmerce managing multiple sites is easy. We provide you with full control and visibility via your Cemmerce account; using one dashboard, you can control all aspects of all sites, and get detailed reports. 

Concentrate on content creation. We'll do the rest

Our platform does not compete, or replace your ad serving platform. It peacefully co-exists with it. You won't need to change your writers’ work habits. Our platform will scan, and find product references anywhere in your content, monetizing even historical content.

We do not interfere with the way content is presented 

Your readers get to view the promoted product only when their mouse hovers over the product links. We provide a valuable service to your readers that translates into net new revenue for you. We do all the work for you so you can just concentrate on your core business: content creation.